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Natural Rubbers Synthetic Rubbers Partioning Agents / Fillers
Crepe Rubber Nitrile’s Talc
Ribbed Smoked Sheets Butyl’s Zinc Stearate  
Technically Specified Rubber Hypalon’s Calcium Stearate
SBR’s Pevikon (PVC)
Vistalon’s Calcium Carbonate
    Ball Clay

Partioning agents can be used with any combination of material to suit your requirements.
The agents listed above are the most common types we use, if you have a requirement not listed above; please contact us for advice on compatibility.

The synthetic rubbers named above is not an exhaustive list, please contact us if you have a requirement not listed.Granulating and milling elastomers is our core activity, however, we do provide small scale (1 to 5 tonne lots) granulation of post production / off-spec / obsolete scrap HDPE, LDPE and Rigid PVC plastics.

Our granulating and milling plant is very adaptable, if you have a material that you would prefer granulated or powdered but are unsure if it can be – send a sample to us for a free of charge evaluation. We can provide test grindings of larger quantities at nominal cost.