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Telford Rubber located in Rochdale, Lancashire, has been providing a specialist service to industry of granulating and powdering virgin rubbers and elastomers for inclusion in compounds for applications as diverse as brake linings to gaskets for over 25 years.

Our business is driven by our customer requirements and all of our activity is focused upon providing a quality, value added service to our customers for each and every order whilst maintaining the highest level of Health & Safety in our operation.

Telford Rubber can provide you with a total supply chain solution for your product – Sourcing Material, Warehousing, Processing and Transportation, all tailored to suit your needs whether as a total solution or individual elements. Our philosophy is to work in partnership with both our Customer and Supply Partners; this approach delivers what we strive for
a High Quality, High Value Added service to our customers.

Our customer base extends from the UK to Europe and North Africa. Operating to ISO 9001 standards (gained in 1989), we have a processing capacity of around 3500 tonnes per annum, with the flexibility to meet the most demanding of schedules.
A dedicated team (with an average of 20 years service each) provide the expert manning of the facility. The plant at the facility can provide particle sizes ranging from 40mm to 1mm with an option of adding partioning agents during the process to suit your specific requirement. Granulating and milling elastomers is our core activity, however, we do provide small scale (1 to 5 tonne lots) granulation of post production / off-spec / obsolete scrap HDPE, LDPE and Rigid PVC plastics.

This material is processed by stand alone equipment separate from our virgin elastomers processing plant. Our granulating and milling plant is very adaptable, if you have a material that you would prefer granulated or powdered but are unsure if it can be – send a sample to us for a free of charge evaluation.

We can provide test grindings of larger quantities at a nominal cost.Bale cutting is a growing part of our business as Health and Safety awareness on Manual Handling issues grows, you can improve the H&S at your facility by having your bales cut to sizes that fall within the manual handling guidelines set by HSE.

Employee injuries from handling, lifting and carrying was over 50,000 for 2004/2005 and accounted for 42% of all reported over -3- day injuries.
- Source: UK Health & Safety Executive

Quality is at the forefront of our activity at Telford Rubber; samples are taken from each batch and tested for both particle size and powder content. Contamination is eliminated by strict control of the type of material processed and by an exhaustive clean-down procedure at the end of each batch run.